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  • Celebrating my new job over sandwiches! (at Chili’s Grill & Bar)

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    Decided to take a video while flying this morning.

    Best. Idea. Ever.

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  • Showering

    • Me: The only way of proving that someone can die is by killing them, and there is no way of knowing someone is immortal unless we try to kill them. So is everyone immortal until proven mortal?
    • Me: I wonder if I have ever eaten an egg that came out of a chicken I ate...
    • Me: Do Russian or German action films feature villains from America?
    • Me: The tooth fairy tradition teaches kids that they can sell body parts for money.
    • Me: Kate Upton, Kate Middleton...Is there a Kate Downton?
    • Me: To be inconsistent you have to be consistently inconsistent...Making your consistent.
    • Me: The life of a horse got much easier since cars were invented.
    • Me: I think I left the stove on.
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    Do you know about….. creepy animals? Animals that are so cute and so shady they can only be the deed of the evil.

    So here is the Valais Blacknose.

    Their face… eerie and soulless….it is like… a black hole that could swallow your soul.

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  • awiccanfromdetroit:

    my dad was taking me driving and after i parked i got out and checked then shouted “IM STRAIGHT-well at least my parking job is” and my dad slams his hand onto the dashboard and goes “YOU COULDNT HAVE WAITED UNTIL COLLEGE TO MAKE THAT JOKE NOW I OWE YOUR MOM TEN BUCKS I DIDNT THINK YOU WOULD ADMIT IT YET” so thats the story of how my parents have been betting on when id come out

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  • "Why do you want to be a lobby boy?"
    "Well, who wouldn’t — at the Grand Budapest, sir. It’s an institution."

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