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  • republicofencinitas:

    Gnarlaciousness in Cardiff✌️
    Rad shot @heather_krikorian 👊
    #republicofencinitas #cardiffbythesea #encinitas #leucadia #ilovewherewelive #sunset (at Cardiff State Beach)

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  • lolneincom:

    Gotta love new features! (part 1)

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  • katswenski:

    The Silence Has Fallen.

    (This is actually day three of Joey not realizing his friends are all pinecones. He is not a smart hedgehog.)

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  • Spectacular sunset tonight. (at Rohnert Park, California)

  • So happy that this butthead is so photogenic(?). Oh, and also that he came to meet me for dinner between work and class. (at Russian River Brewing Company)